John T. Broderick Jr.

John T. Broderick Jr.


A former Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, John Broderick has been on a journey to end the stigma surrounding mental health following his son’s long struggle with mental illness that went undiagnosed and unrecognized for years. As shared in his recent book, Backroads and Highways: My Journey to Discovery on Mental Health (Dartmouth Health, 2022), Broderick’s mistakes in failing to identify and treat his son’s challenges have inspired him to embark on a campaign to change the culture, stigma, and shame around mental illness that keeps too many people feeling alone and afraid to step out of the shadows. Broderick is currently Senior Director of External Affairs at Dartmouth Health.

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Shifting the Culture & Conversation Around Mental Health

Saturday, June 24, 2023
3:30 pm
Town Hall Library