Planning Committee

Bookstock is truly a community event… planned, produced and hosted by nonprofit organizations, with the support of local & regional businesses, and by generous individual donors & volunteers. The friends of Bookstock are too many to name. But, you know who you are and the festival thrives because of each of you. Everyone involved in the Festival benefits and is grateful.

Meanwhile, our core planning committee includes:

Program Director & Author Relations: 
Joni B. Cole

Event Manager:
RJ Crowley

Book Tent Coordination:
Dave & Sherry Whitney

Yankee Bookshop Book Sale:
Kari Meutsch & Kristian Preylowski

Financial Management: 
Peter Rousmaniere

Marisa Serafini & Peter Rousmaniere

Event Program Guide:
Marie Cross

Technical Support:
Jeff Brand

Carla Kimball

Charlotte Hollingsworth

Welcome Authors Program:
Ann Quasman

High School Virtual Reality Advisor:
Andrew Smith

Spy Master:
Madeline Raynolds

Sherry Whitney

Venue Liaison:
Kelly B Sczomak (Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park), Joanne Boyle (North Chapel), Liza Bernard (Norman Williams Public Library), Alita Wilson (Pentangle Arts), Marie Cross (Artistree)

Senior Advisor:
Michael Stoner

Board Members:
Peter Rousmaniere, Dave Whitney, Peter Gilbert, Nan McCann