Brian Adams reads from his new novel Offline, a romantic romp through the dark underbelly of technology. Seventeen-year-old Meagan, an online dating addict scared to death to take those online “relationships” offline, is banished by her parents to her gay hippie grandfather’s farm, and is definitely dreading a techno-free summer. Falling in with a ragtag bunch of Luddites, Meagan joins a zany softball team, takes the game of Scrabble to a whole new level, immerses herself in the world of invertebrate sex—all the while coming to terms with her raging netaholism and discovering the joys and heartbreaks of offline relationships. Adams is the author of two award-winning romantic comedies about environmental activism, Love in the Time of Climate Change and KABOOM! A Professor of Environmental Science in a previous life, he urges you to go offline and get outside!