Not just poets, and not just original work: Comedians, Musicians, Magicians, Martial Artists, Choral Groups invited! Anything Goes at this Slam on Friday evening at 7:00 at Artistree in South Pomfret. Performers of all ages have 5 minutes at the mic to wow the judges chosen at random from the audience. Solo and Group Performances, original work and covers: Welcome! Can the voice of a single poet win out over a harp and banjo duet or a barbershop quartet? Sign up at the door. Slammaster Geof Hewitt returns for his third annual Bookstock appearance. As attendees and participants in previous slams will tell you, Geof (who is VT’s long time poetry slam champion) keeps the event moving with lightning speed, encouraging the judges to render instant decisions and extolling the audience to support all the slammers. “All ages are invited to compete for the fabulous prizes,” he says “including folks like me who may act, but no longer look like children!”