Sheila Post

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Sheila PostIn The Road to Walden North, novelist Sheila Post has written an elegiac tribute to the spirit of Thoreau—a timely ‘Walden revisited.’ The story chronicles the desperate and deliberate lives among four individuals whose worlds converge on the Harvard University campus until forced to grapple with the themes she teaches in her course on Walden. A luminous tapestry of dreams lost and places found, The Road to Walden North will continue to ‘rewild’ the inner lives of its readers, long after arriving in Walden North. The preservationist passion that flows through Your Own Ones will appeal to a wide range of readers, both caretakers of the land and of the heart. Sheila Post, Ph.D., taught American literature & nature writing for over a decade in New England before deciding to write her own spirit-of-place novels and green women’s fiction (as Síle Post). Sheila resides in the forested mountains of her own Walden North.