Sara Dillon

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Sara Dillon has deep family roots in northeastern Vermont and during her many years spent in Ireland, she did important work in linking cultural values to landscape preservation. She currently divides her time between Belmont, Massachusetts and Greensboro, Vermont. Her new novel from Green Writers Press is Planning for Escape. The protagonist, Catherine, interweaves her own unique perspectives on memory, family, and place, with the compelling and luminous account of her endlessly disappointing search for love through a dazzling array of quirky people and unforgettable places. Grounded in an escape to memorable places—from New England to Ireland, to Japan and back again—the narrative ultimately shifts to the historically preserved and richly ambient world of Greensboro, Vermont. This novel is for all those who ever wanted to escape, ever longed to return home, or ever considered deriving new joy from simply giving up and saying goodbye to old places in search of the new.