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Chard deNiord
POETRY WORKSHOP with Chard deNiord, Poet Laureate of Vermont
10 am – Noon Friday / Woodstock History Center

“All Things Counter, Original, Spare, Strange”

This workshop will focus primarily on two generative writing exercises, beginning with an imaginative brief biography in verse with the aid of a provided “leaping” outline and then turning to a persona poem exercise in which the group makes up job descriptions that are then placed in a hat for each member to choose from blindly. We will explore the ironic phenomenon of the transpersonal self in both exercises, that is, the discovery of self within the other, or as Walt Whitman put it in the fifth canto of his poem “Song of Myself”: “the other I am.” These exercises will also involve what John Keats called “negative capability,” that is, the ability to “exist in uncertainty, mystery, doubt without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.”

Chard deNiord is the Poet Laureate of Vermont. The author of five books of poetry, including Interstate; The Double Truth, which the Boston Globe named one of the top ten books of poetry in 2011, and Night Mowing. He teaches English and Creative Writing at Providence College and is the co-founder and former program director of the New England College MFA Program in Poetry. He lives in Westminster West, Vermont with his wife Liz.

Enrollment limited to 15 participants. Pre-registration required.
Register by emailing Partridge Boswell at: partridge.boswell@vcfa.edu