Philip Baruth

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BaruthPhilip Baruth’s  Senator Leahy: A Life in Scenes takes us deep into the blockbuster life of America’s most senior Senator.  Having vaulted into the United States Senate at the tender age of 34, Patrick Leahy is now the longest serving member of that institution – just third in line to the Presidency when Democrats hold control.  Baruth focuses on Leahy’s cultivation of a “Top Cop” persona both in the media and at the ballot box, not only in post-Watergate Vermont, but in a post-9/11 America viciously divided between the Red states and the Blue. Philip Baruth is a professor of English at the University of Vermont and served as the majority leader of the Vermont Senate from 2012–2016. An award-winning commentator for Vermont Public Radio, he’s the author of several acclaimed novels, most recently The X President selected as a New York Times Notable Book of 2003; and The Brothers Boswell  a Washington Post Best Book of the Year 2009.