Complete 2016 Schedule


UU Chapel Norman Williams Library St. James Church
Zack’s Place  History Center   Thompson Senior Center ArtisTree  The Green 
10-10:40 VINTAGE BOOK SALE (All day 9-6)     Poetry Workshop Baron Wormser BOOK SALE   (All day 9-6)  FOOD Exhibitors
 11-11:40    Brooke Herter James (10:30-11:10)    
 Castle Freeman
12-12:40   Sisters in Crime Michael DeSanto      
1-1:40 Poetry:Chard DeNiord, Kerrin McCadden, Tim Mayo Jane Tylus   Jeff Amestoy     
2-2:40 Jonathan Mingle Megan Mayhew Bergman     
3-3:40 Poetry:Julia Shipley,Leland Kinsey Sara Dillon, Sheila Post, Brett Ann Stanciu  Joseph Mazur  Marianne Leone   
Brian Stavely 
 Geza Tetrallyay         
5:30       UNBOUND RECEPTION      5:30          POETRY JAM       7:30  




Saturday UU Chapel  Norman Williams Library
St. James Church
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP  History Center  ArtisTree  The Green
10-10:40   VINTAGE BOOK SALE 9:00- 6:00 UNBOUND ART EXHIBIT11-4 USED BOOK SALE  9-6                 FOOD           MUSIC            CHILDREN’S TENT EXHIBITORS
11-11:40 Keynote: Poet Richard Blanco            
12-12:40     Robin Gaby Fisher Howard Mosher Rolf Diamant &Nora Mitchell    
1-1:40 Poet Jorie Graham  Howard Axelrod  Elizabeth Marshall Thomas    Tim Weed    
2-2:40 Poet Mark Doty    Jacob Appel Lisa Rogak  Barbara HurdNature Writing Workshop 2-4 Harvey Amani Whitfield     
3-3:40 PoetEllen Voigt Nathalia Holt   Sean Prentiss Kenneth Mack   
4-4:40 Poet Stephen Dunn Tom Perera    Paul Hertneky



 Poet/Author Reception

St. James Parish Hall

All are welcome!


6:30:   Reception and screening of Coming Through the Rye

Presented by Pentangle Arts and Norman Williams Public Library

Town Hall Theater –  Admission charged




SUNDAY   Norman Williams Library
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
Bentley’s ArtisTree  The Green 
10-11 VINTAGE BOOK SALE              9-2   Coffee & books: Anastacia Marx de Salcedo  BOOK SALE 9-2 FOOD Exhibitors
12:00   James Sturm, Cartoonist & Sonny Saul,  Piano     UNBOUND      11-4
1:30   Carol Dunne & Eric Bunge Mary Holland