Gary Shattuck

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GaryShattuckGary Shattuck is a former Vermont state police officer and state and federal prosecutor, with thirty years’ experience in the investigation and prosecution of drug offenses. He recently received his master’s degree in military history and is currently pursuing a second masters in historical archaeology at the University of Leicester (UK). In his third book, Green Mountain Opium Eaters. [Noon Saturday, History Center]Gary turns his attention to the previously unknown opium epidemic that spread out over Vermont in the nineteenth century. Through extensive research, he reveals the increasing addiction that residents experienced brought on by their self-medicating, ill-trained and complicit doctors, and unscrupulous druggists and patent medicine manufacturers concealing opium and morphine in their products. All of this was made worse by an uninterested, hands-off legislature that did nothing as it pursued instead an ineffectual prohibition campaign against alcohol for five decades while ignoring the growing drug problem on its doorstep.