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BillTorreyStories From The Ta Ta Weenie Club: Join Woodsman, Author, and Storyteller Bill Torrey for five, true, Moth-style stories from his book, The Ta Ta Weenie Club. Read more

SandraGartnerSandra Gartner is one of two producing directors of Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre. She has performed with ART, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Vermont Stage and Lost Nation Theatre, among others. A freelance writer for magazines and newspapers, her articles have appeared in Lady’s Circle, The Monitor, Vermont Life, Vermont Magazine and Yankee. She is a frequent contributor to Rutland Magazine and co-authored the book To Life! A Celebration of Vermont Jewish Women, which accompanied the touring exhibits of the oral history project. President Clinton appointed her to serve on the Presidential Advisory Committee on the Arts for the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Sandra worked as a production coordinator for international art photographer Gregory Crewdson. Their work is part of the permanent collection at the Guggenheim in NYC.  Wild Angels Film recently released an independent short narrative film, “UnSpoken” based on Sandra’s true story and article, “Exploding the Baby Myth,” originally published in Lady’s Circle Magazine.

Elayne_Clift_headshot-4aBecause of many issues surrounding caregiving, Elayne Clift compiled a collection of prose and poetry by 21 women caregivers that give testimony to what caretaking has meant for contemporary women. Read more

MarianneLeoneMarianne Leone is an actress, screenwriter and essayist. Her essays have appeared in the Boston Globe, Post Road, Bark Magazine, and Coastal Living. Her memoir, Jesse, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2010. Read more

BruceCoffinpic1Bruce Coffin was born and raised in Woodstock, and has maintained a close connection to the village since going away for college and graduate studies and a career of teaching English in independent schools in England and in this country. In his evocative memoir, The Long Light of Those Days, Read more

HeffernanIn 1979, when I was nine, I joined the Internet. My parents believed I was learning to program; actually I was playing an adventure game. At school, I was an awkward child; online I was a wise warrior genius. Only as a teenager did I worry that computers were making me a nervous wallflower. To become a normal teen, I quit. I resolved to study literature. Eventually I got a Ph.D. in English from Harvard.

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SaraWidnessThe Dusky Afternoon: An Oregon Childhood immerses readers in a post-World War II rural Oregon where logging trucks laden with timber rumbled along gravel roads and moonshine was secreted in nearby shadows. Read more