Castle Freeman, Jr.

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FreemanCastle Freeman, Jr., was born in Texas, raised and educated in Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. He came to southeastern Vermont with his wife, Alice, on a whim and is still here 45 years later. [11:00 Friday, Thompson Senior Center]He is the author of seven novels, something like eighty short stories, two story collections, and more than 100 essays, historical articles, op-ed matter, journalism, nature writing, and other nonfiction, most of it related in one way or another to the life of our state and its people. At Bookstock 2017, he will be discussing his novel The Devil in the Valley, the famous story of Faust set in the world of contemporary Vermont and told with style, wit, and engaging observation. “This beguiling tale touches on temptation and greed and all the things we desire for ourselves and others in this life. A captivating story that explores the supernatural while staying rooted deeply in our world.” (From the publisher’s cover copy)