Brett Ann Stanciu

12 months ago by in Fiction, Friday, Vermont Topics

Brett Ann Stanciu. jpgBrett Ann Stanciu knows the soil of Vermont well. A sugarmaker and graduate of Marlboro College, she lives on Woodbury Mountain with her two daughters, surrounded by bears and wild blackberry bushes, with an undiluted view of the Milky Way. Her novel Hidden View is located on an isolated Vermont hillside farm; its tension revolves around a couple struggling to bolster their dairy farm’s sagging economics through sugaring. The cyclical nature of farming, with its braided elements of fruition and decay, reflect the interior struggles of the novel’s main characters. Landscape does not lie as mere backdrop in this novel. As the Vermont landscape fluctuates through seasons, Hidden View’s characters live in the shifting everyday world – childbirth and mothering young children, lust and lonely nights beneath the moon, green yarn, folding laundry – while suffused with an ineffable philosophical seeking of rock-hard truths (love? loyalty? beauty?) to guide them through the stony soil of human living.